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Interactive Junction Holdings is the holding company for several online brands which include CareerJunction, AutoJunction, PropertyJunction and Whole Bang Shoot. We decided to choose Stratham Bryce as our sales training partner to raise the levels of professional selling within our company.

We embarked on several sales schools to fit the various sales functions we have in the company, namely, Telesales and Account management selling. We wanted to move from a product sell to a solutions sell and Stratham Bryce had the right levels of structure, tools and experience to assist our teams. The overall ratings from the Sales staff were extremely high and they all enjoyed the course immensely even though it was very tough for some of the more inexperienced staff.

The results are starting to come in as we move from the 'OLD' to the 'NEW' way of selling - it is afterall, a process. I believe we have a winning formula and we have plans to follow up progress every 3 months with Stratham Bryce and the various areas in sales. Thanks Noel and Roger - it was a great exercise with expected ROI's in due course.

Kris Jarzebowski CEO - Interactive Junction Holdings (PTY) Ltd


We are really pleased with the re-energised focus that we are getting from our sales teams following the series of Stratham Bryce sales training sessions at our offices. I think that, across the board – from telesales to solution sales - we have successfully converted our sales culture from one of ‘order taking’ to one of ‘order making’. This is particularly pleasing for us as this is a transition that we have been battling to make for some time.

I also believe that there is a far better appreciation from our sales Teams that sales success is driven by a formula; without the right activity around prospecting the right decision makers, planning and proposing quality solutions and handling objections with confidence our sales targets are not likely to be met. This is a lesson that our Teams needed to be reminded of from outside our organisation.

I am pleased to report that where we have applied our new sales processes the results have been fantastic.

What I am particularly looking forward to are the regular ‘maintenance’ meetings that we have in place as these will be the check and balances needed to make sure that we have continued to apply what you and Roger have taught. These follow-up maintenance sessions are what I believe is the real differentiator between the training solutions you offer versus any others on offer.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the energy and insight that you have both put into our training and look forward to even better sales successes.

Thanks Noel and Roger.

Paul Byrne Executive Director - CareerJunction