How Customer Centric are You?

Great companies are made up of Great People.

Customers will judge your company by the way that you treat them: Most Customer Service employees who fail to treat customers right, is because of their ATTITUDE!

Score yourself on each of the following:
1. I stay positive on days when nothing goes right

2. I’m enthusiastic about my job

3. If there is a customer Problem, I never hide from the customer

4. I’m nice to everyone regardless of their appearance

5. Being a professional at customer contact motivates me

6. There is nothing demeaning about serving others

7. Doing a ‘people orientated’ job is fun & challenging

8. Doing well in all aspects of my job is important to me

9. I love being complemented on superior customer Service

10. Difficult people situations will not make me negative

11. The higher my quality of Customer Service, the better I feel