How Customer Centric is your Organisation?

Great companies are made up of Great People.

According to Jack Welsh, who built General Electric into the world’s largest company; ‘Corporate Culture is Everything!’ Customers will judge your company by the way that they are treated by your employees: Your Corporate Culture (starting at the top) will determine your employees ATTITUDE towards your Customers. Most Customer Facing employees who fail to be Customer Centric do so because of ATTITUDE!

Score your perception of an average customer facing employee in your organisation i.e. how you believe the average employee would score against these 11 criteria:
1. They stay positive on days when nothing goes right

2. They are generally enthusiastic about their jobs

3. If there is a Customer Problem, they never hide from the customer

4. They are nice to everyone regardless of appearance

5. Being a professional at customer contact is motivating

6. There is nothing demeaning about serving others

7. Doing a ‘people orientated’ job is fun & challenging

8. Doing well in all aspects of their job is important to them

9. They love being complemented on superior Customer Service

10. Difficult people situations will not make them negative

11. The higher their quality of Service, the better they feel