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Knowledge vs. Skill

3 CirclesNo matter what discipline we are in. We need a set of skills that enables us to do a particular job. We know that to develop a skill we need firstly, the knowledge. We must know what it is we are supposed to be doing and then that has to be converted to a skill. The skill is how we do it. Now you will never be able to convert from knowledge to skill unless you want to.

So when all 3 of these intersect – knowledge, what we need to do and then the skill, which is how we need to do it and that interlinked with the desire to have the right attitude.  Only when all 3 of these intersect – are we going to effectively build that skill. So now assume we build our set of skills to do the job. We have often seen very capable people who are not very effective. Why they are not being effective is because they are not working in that quadrant that we previously looked at, of focusing on things that are very important before they are urgent.

4 QuadrantsSo let’s briefly look back at that quadrant. We see things that are very urgent and things that are very important, forming that grid. We see most of our time spent in crisis management where we are doing things that are very urgent and very important and we have to be in that quadrant simply to survive.

However, to get away from that quadrant, for us to be top of our game and to be good at what we do, we need to be spending our time in the quadrant that is very important and not so urgent. So if we realize that we must be putting our skills into good use, into that quadrant we need processes and disciplines.

Combined Circles and QuadrantsSo this is where we take all our skill sets, wrap it up in a big circle which represents process and discipline. It is that process and discipline that forces us into doing the things that are very important and urgent. If we can get into the habit of living our lives like that, building the right skills and been increasingly good at what we do and then been careful of how we manage our time, so that we are doing the things that are important before they are urgent. This is what is going to make us into top professionals in our particular chosen discipline.