How Effective are your Key Account Managers?

Great companies are made up of Great People.

Key Account Managers (KAMs) handle the business from which about 80% of the company’s results are going to come, so these individuals have to be your best people.

Score your perception of a typical Key Account Manager in your organisation i.e. how you believe most of your Key Account Managers (KAMs) would score against these 11 criteria:
1. Put together good financial arguments at board level

2. Establishes good relationships with their customer’s CEOs

3. Pays attention to detail. Nothing slip through the cracks

4. Makes sound commercial presentations

5. Sells new ideas and negotiates effectively

6. Outstanding listener

7. Know the completion & their own companies capabilities

8. Knows his/hers customers business inside out

9. They find opportunities to sell most of their offerings

10. Manage complex political situations effectively

11. Asks penetrating questions to see behind the obvious