How Effective is your Sales
Organisational Structure?

Great companies are made up of Great People.

For the organisation to meet its goals, the sales division and associated support infrastructure must be holistically aligned, structured and measured to deliver the company’s imperatives.

Score your perception of how effective your Sales Organisation is structured (Sales Operating Plan) i.e. how you believe the sales division structure, measurements and support infrastructure would score against these 11 criteria:
1. Sales is focused on the revenue producing offerings

2. Sales is supported effectively by competent pre-sales

3. Sales and post-sales support work well as a team

4. Territories are unambiguously demarcated. No conflicts

5. Targets are clear & crisp. All in Sales know what’s required

6. Sales know what we offer and what we don’t offer

7. Sales have good ‘inch deep, mile wide’ product knowledge

8. Sales have the right individuals in the right areas

9. Balance is right; direct vs channel / internal vs external

10. Sales Managers have right span of control (direct reports)

11. Sales understand their market and structured accordingly