How Effective are you as a Sales Manager?

Great companies are made up of great people

Your people will judge your company by the way that you treat them. Your company however will judge you by your revenues, your adherence to policy & procedure and how happy your people and your customers are. All 4 elements need to be balanced to be an effective Sales Manager.

Score yourself on each of the following:
1. People work for you because they want to, not have to

2. When a process does not work, you get it fixed

3. You always hire the right people

4. Territories are unambiguously demarcated. No conflicts

5. Targets are clear & crisp. Your team know what’s required

6. You regularly accompany salespeople on customer calls

7. Your teams product knowledge is good

8. Your people see you more as coach/mentor than manager

9. Do Regular/formal individual Gap/Pipeline cover reviews

10. You schedule regular performance reviews with staff

11. You actively help in staff issues & assist with large deals