How Effective are your Salespeople?

Great companies are made up of Great People.

The sales force is the life blood of most organisations. 20% of deals happen just because the salesperson is there. Sales Effectiveness significantly increases this % by orders of magnitude where all things being equal, shouldn't be less than 50%, preferably 60% +

Score your perception of a typical salesperson in your organisation i.e. how you believe most of your salespeople would score against these 11 criteria:
1. They ensure that they reach & sell to the Decision Maker

2. Ensures the need is 'compelling', not just 'nice to have'

3. Pays attention to detail

4. Makes a sound commercial case & argument

5. Negotiates effectively & competently

6. 'Listens to Understand', not just to respond

7. Knows their products and differentiators (USPs)

8. Asks penetrating questions to see behind the obvious

9. Good interpersonal skills

10. Communicates well in the written and spoken word

11. Projects a professional image