How Effective are you as a Salesperson?

Great companies are made up of Great People

Salespeople are the life blood of most organisations. 20% of deals happen just because you are there, and the customer is ready to buy. If you are an effective salesperson (all things being equal), you should be winning 50% + of your deals but never less than 1/3rd as an absolute minimum. Irrespective of your closing ratio, how effective are you really?

Score yourself on each of the following
1. You ensure that you reach & sell to the Decision Maker

2. You ensure the need is ‘compelling’, not just ‘nice to have’

3. You pay attention to detail

4. You make a sound commercial case & argument

5. You negotiate effectively & competently

6. You ‘Listen to Understand’, not just to respond

7. You know your products and differentiators (USPs)

8. You ask penetrating questions to see behind the obvious

9. You have good interpersonal skills

10. You communicate well in the written and spoken word

11. You project a professional image