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Emotional and Nervous energy.

Let’s look at how to stay motivated at work. There are always things in life that demotivate us from time to time. Let’s understand those and see how we can manage them better. Nervous energy is a finite amount of energy. We have all reached those levels at the end of the day when we are just tired. Six o’ clock arrives in the evening and you have worked the whole day. You now feel like you have to do that half an hour of admin and it is the last thing in the world you feel like doing. If you did it you would probably make a very bad job of it. This is when your emotional energy is sapped. It is just finished by the end of the day.

There are 2 things that sap emotional energy – One is work, obviously and the other one is conflict.

ExtremeThe more we work during the day the more emotional energy we are going to be using. To add to that, the other thing that takes up emotional energy of course conflict and if we have conflict at work it will eat up the emotional energy. So what we have got to do at all costs is to avoid having conflict.

Think of situations when you have been in conflict with someone at work and at the end of it all you feel like doing is to lie down. Your emotional energy is sapped.  You need to be very aware that the more conflict we have in workplace, the more emotional energy we are going to use up and the less there is going to be for work.

There are situations where you get to work and there has been no conflict, but you get that rainy day feeling. The last thing in the world you need right then is work so you stand around the coffee machine and chat about the movie you saw last night or whatever and you just can’t get into work. We call it the rainy day feeling. Well what we have learnt is that there is nothing you can do to stop that feeling but when it happens that there’s a lot you can do to get rid it.

Positive people do positive things – The Upward spiral:

We have to understand something. People who do good things feel good about themselves and people who feel good about themselves do good things, so what we have got to do is do something small that makes us feel good about ourselves and then we will continue to do more good things. This is a key factor in how to stay motivated.

For example, there are those two phone calls you have been putting off since last week that you have not been wanting to do. Now you make those two phone calls even if you don’t get through to the people because the fact that you did them makes you feel good about yourself. When you feel good about yourself you start to do more good things and then you go on an upward spiral.

Ways to stay motivated:

So, if you get to work and you are feeling that rainy day feeling, don’t beat yourself up. It is not your fault you are feeling that way but there is a lot you can do to change it.

So that is what we have to do as professionals. You have to do something very small. Don’t tackle that half hour admin job because after ten minutes you will be leaving the office and going shopping.

So rather do something with a small success so you can get into that upward spiral and remember that conflict will rob you of emotional energy that you need to do your work.